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I remember...I remember the alamo!

before the first race started at what was now to be noon, I did take a little bit more of a walk past the 7 mile transponder tent. there was a up it I went

not exactly Erzberg but a hill none the less and a nice example of upstate soil.

the hill dumped the riders into this. if this isn't an example of why this part of the state is the perfect storm for good riding I don't know what is. from this position Rt 8 is directly behind me and the pro MX track is to the right, maybe 1/2 mile away?

when we were in our teens in the 70's two friends of ours from separate families both moved "upstate" to this type of land, both to dairy farm. this truly is nirvana when the weather is right and it was for GNCC.

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