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Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
Read again, 8000 GBP, that is about $13,000 USD. Yeah, that is to go anywhere in China with a foreign bike because you re not allowed in the country with a foreign bike, without a guide, period. In China it is extremely expensive to own a bike that is greater than 250cc's, you rarely see them. Owning a bike over 250cc's is the equivalent of owning a Porsche in the states.

The only way to ride cheap in China is to go there, buy a bike under 250cc and only travel around China, you wont be able to take the bike out of the country.... actually that would be a hell of a lot easier. But I am sure you will still get some issues from the police.
I can't remember where on here I read it, but someone said don't go where they don't want you. With those kinds of prices China doesn't seem to want normal foreigners traveling in their country. From the research done I think I'll be skipping China. The Nepal side of the Himalayas will be awesome.

Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
PNG is rough, especially in the highlands... I wouldn't go there on a bike. Think tribes throwing logs across the road to trap cars. Expats up there that work for mining companies live in compounds and drive around with security. Too much risk of someone high on beetlenut slashing you with a machete eh.
That's exactly what I read. Easier just to skip it.

Originally Posted by nicola_a View Post
Jackson's suggestion of buying a bike in China exclusively for China is probably your best bet.
You can reduce the cost a little bit by getting a group together (see this thread on HUBB doing something similar - sorry, don't know any ADV threads off the top of my head)... but whichever way you look at it, China on a foreign bike is expensive. Most people choose the detour option, but obviously this may interfere with your Everest plans.
Thank you for the HUBB thread. I read it all and it seems to confirm I'll be skipping over China. Real shame.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
But do note this: riding from Europe to South India, for example, should be totally possible (*) without having to use any guides, or paying ridiculous amounts of money (that kind of money does go a LOOOOOONG way in a cheap country like India, BTW!!)... and then you can ship the bike across the Bay of Bengal to Bangkok, for example (and there are no ferries, so donīt dream about that option!) In fact I did exactly that 4,5 years ago, sent my DL650 on an open crate from Chennai by air to BKK via Kuala Lumpur, and that cost me roughly 600 euros total (plus my own flight ticket Chennai-BKK was about 200 euros). Sending from India is a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare, but still 100% do-able, and I guess you should just take it as an experience in itself........ just like Indian traffic LOL!!

(*) Iran & Pakistan visas could be tough for certain passport holders, though.
Great info! I've been quite interested in India (and many other places obviously) for some time. It reallyhelps that it is cheap. After some adjustments (with more to come I'm sure), I planning on skipping a few places and jumping around by air but still seeing a ton of cool things! The below path is still rough:

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to adjust the route to see more cool stuff?
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