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Thanks for doing the YouTube video. I'm quessing it might have been a little difficult and at the same time a little therapeutic. There's lots of stuff going through my mind. Back in '87 I woke up one morning with my left leg tingling. I was doing a lot of athletic stuff at the time, but don't blame it on that. Kind of like you said, that kind of thinking is a waist of the rest of your life. Anyway after lots of doctors diagnosis, I had two discs removed from my lower neck. Still can't feel my left leg. I do exercises every day. Tried therapy, but found it slow and expensive. I can walk on it, but all of the sensory feeling is gone, which has a few advantages. I used to really like bicycling and I could really hammer on the left side, sense I couldn't feel it, so much so that my left leg got a little bigger than the right. And when I banged it on something, I had to look to see if it was bleeding. Sense then I've done some fun rides, in '88 I climbed the Eiger, Mont Blanc, and ran heavy equipment at McMurdo in '91. Got to spend a little time in your beautiful country on the way back. Been hit twice by drivers on phones on my Seca Turbo and Concours, which hasn't helped, a little more weakness and loss of control. Of course nothing like what you have gone/are going through, but you can't tell what might have happened if you had of been in a car either. Maybe worse. Sure would have been worse if it had been the other leg. Moving the shifter on that KTM to the other side would be a real pain. I'm sure you have thought about thoes specialized prosthesis limbs for running, cycling etc. You have a great potential for learning and making improvments in that reguard. You are still a young guy and no one is better equiped to know what you need and more able to solve thoes problems than you. Technology and materials are changing every day and you have the oppertunity and motivation to be right at the front of it all to meet your goals.. There's lot of information and knowledge out there. Don't quit and never give up. And good luck. You sure deserve some.
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