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Originally Posted by TheOtherBart View Post
Ginger, I just stumbled across this at the XL Forums:

I'm still convinced that the best solution for me is some kind of top-loading hard bags on those Easy Brackets. The issues are finding bags the right size (I need 8" wide internally, too narrow and the bag I always carry won't fit, too wide and it just gets goofy) at a reasonable price. Surplus 20mm ammo cans seem like just the right size, at an unbeatable price, but at 20 pounds each they've already overloaded the Easy Brackets (15 lb max) empty. And I know that 15 lbs is probably way, way conservative, but...

No pics until I get the quick release setup sorted out. As soon as they are done I will be sure to post pics. I am trying to come up with a solution that either leaves minimal hardware behind when the bags are off or has hidden hardware.

With regards to bag width/length/height, that has been my main motivator for trying to come up with a better solution than what is currently available. Seems that a lot of hard bags are either tall and narrow long and narrow. I would want something that makes up the extra room with width rather than height or length. 8in-9in seems about right.

I had no idea that the EZ brackets were so fragile. I have a set of throw over hoops that I welded up that have dealt with as much as 40lbs per side without issue.
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