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Ballistic EV02 Battery

Just finished installing this little battery in the DRZ.
Bought it at R&R racing after noticing the original 4+ year old battery seemed to be losing its authority spinnin the engine over.
Charge was good on the old battery @ 13+ volts, but just didn't seem to have the muscle anymore.

This battery doesn't even weigh a pound (13.6 oz). Don't know what the original weighed but it was quite a bit more.
Wasn't a drop-in install because of cable lengths.
Should have made pictures of the process, but its too easy to bother explaining.
Took me a little over a hour after a trip to the automotive supply to get a bit red and black #8 wire, some connectors and heat shrink tubing.
A sanitary install and not a problem for anyone with basic skills.

Anybody planning to change to this battery in the future and find they need a few pieces/parts/#8 wire, contact me for some leftovers I have.

DRZ spins over like a BOSS now!
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