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Well, I had news yesterday that my Buell is definitely an insurance write-off, so I wandered down to the local Guzzi dealer & they lent me their demo bike for an hour.

Oh dear oh dear, I'm hooked.

It's quite the nicest bike I've ever ridden, except in one respect, the wind noise is astounding!
I'm 5'10" ish, is there a better screen? I'm not that bothered about the weather protection, after all I've been riding roadsters for years, but the noise from the screen turbulence is horrendous.
Not enough to stop me buying one though as soon as the insurance cheque comes through.

It looks immense after an XB12STT, but after clambering aboard I found it no taller in the saddle.
Once it's moving though it's a different story, so light & throwable I was grinning so much I though my helmet might crack.
There's not the same punch as the Buell but it's deceptively fast, I'll be looking for a can to give it a nicer tone though.
One thing I did like particularly is sitting at a stop with it idling, it has that same "demented sewing machine on steroids" clatter from the valvetrain.

Anyway, within the next few weeks I become a Stelvisto.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my Uncle.

Not screaming in terror, like his passengers!
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