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Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
What it looks like & how it feels is poles apart..
HAHAHAHA! I know what you mean.. I always feel like such a badass when I start scraping pegs in a turn... And then I review my videos and it looks as tame as a kitten playing with a yarn ball.

As for the video, thats not the actual GP8, right?

For the GP8, well we talk about smooth, and slowing down in the turn to get to full lock and get the minimum radius rotation.

Speed is pretty relative turn.

I found out that with smoother lines, and quicker turns, you still have to haul ass THROUGH the turn, in order to get anywhere near 35.

So don't try to slow down too much. Its good for practice, but once you feel the bike and trust your tires to go into a deep lean when you enter the turn, and then hold on to the asphalt as you twist the bars more, and the bike stands up, you can carry a bit more speed through the turn.

I'm still hovering in the 35 second range. I have to keep some speed through the turn, otherwise my times jump back to 37-38 seconds. Of course my turns are still not very tight. I'm trying my best to twist bars as much as I can, but I'm still not hitting locks on my DRZ.

A few times that I managed to quickly turn the bars, I got a wobble on the bike that got me a bit panicked. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting all the parts right, so more work and practice

42-43 secons is about where I was starting with, so I can definitely relate to your progress.
Also remember what motogymkhanaman was saying, hop between the cones. Accelerate hard as you exit, and brake hard before entering. Easier said than done but the feeling I'm getting is

"WRAAAAAAARRR (accelerate / brake) .... whoooooo (turn) .... WRAAAAAAAAAR.... whooooo....

LOL if that makes sense

Video of your GP8, for the next time please.
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