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My .00002 cents

I'll chime in a bit because no one knows how difficult she can be to get along with better than me(Luv ya Hun)! This case was not her fault. She has been excited beyond belief to get her chance to learn to ride, and was very cooperative in gathering equipment, and mentally preparing. As far as name calling she has a long way to go to learn all the good ones, so therefore I will step in and lend a hand. First the instructor was being a major dick, and he is not the first that has been encountered during a BRC. I push my friends to take the course and always try to find out as much as possible about their experience so I can push others to take it. I hear about 25-30% complaining about instructors that are not tolerant of newbs. IT IS A BEGINNERS F'ING COURSE! If you don't like newbs don't teach BRC. I hate teaching anything so I don't. So my summary is as follows: Instructor was a dickhead, and just so you don't feel left out Dakez, YOU SIR ARE A TWATWAFFLE!

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