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Originally Posted by Mrs6gun View Post
I signed up for a beginner MSF course which started today to learn how to ride, and much to my surprise I was so unlucky to receive the MSF instructor from HELL. ...snip.... The course was not at all as I expected. ...snip... I feel like only BEGINNERS should be allowed in the BEGINNER class. This was a very bad experience for me, but he did not break my spirit of learning to ride. Not sure if I will learn through another MSF course. My tolerance for jerks gets lower as I get older.
It is unfortunate you feel the instructor was not professional with the manner he spoke to you.

As an instructor myself, what you have described is exactly what the MSF Beginning Rider's Course is supposed to be. MSF provides a script and a schedule. If the instructor spent 45 minutes or more before telling you that you were not progressing, then he was most likely properly following MSF guidelines.

You indicated that you paid for this class. If this is a private for-profit school you could try calling them and expressing your expectations and see if they can place you with a different instructor or class. Otherwise you may consider finding someone who can provide one on one instruction.

Good Luck!
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