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I had reservations about bumping another Chinese scooter thread since that aren't well recived here, but I did want to let everyone know I was able to somewhat restore the black tubes that were damaged by the S100 wash.

A very kind friend walked me through the process of cutting the original paint and then walked me through budding the paint afterwards. It came out pretty decent even though they aren't as glossy as the once were. They are at least somewhat shiny again and my angst is relieved.

I will get some pics tomorrow. I had a very relaxing 40 mile ride with it tonight in the cool air. Even sat at about 50 mph for a longer period than its ever been and it performed flawlessly without a hitch. The bike seems happy that I am back to riding it if you can believe it.

This really has been a wonderful little bike. I'm glad I am back to riding it.
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