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I still laugh about my buddys K.B. and John coming back from a bicycle race in StLouis thirty years ago in K.B.'s VW Type3 Squareback. When the throttle cable broke, they slid the engine hatch cover off and clamped the cable with a pair of Vicegrips. John, facing backwards, stretched over the back seat and worked the Vicegrip throttle based on K.B's panicked audibles "MORE!", "LESS!!", "LET OFF!" as K.B. worked the clutch, shifter, and brakes. They made it home through 45 minutes of hot and humid StLouis summertime stop-and-go construction congestion! Ya gotta love it!
Years ago my boss described having broken throttle cable on his Beetle while on a trip to Maine. He tied some twine to the throttle arm (which rotates towards the rear of the car when the throttle us opened), ran the twine out through a vent slit in the engine cover, over the roof, and tied it to his left index finger. He drove all the way back to Boston this way, using his right hand to steer and shift.
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