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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
If you are serious about working with composites, then you need to learn the basic techniques of contact moulding GRP first, then move on to making simple moulds, make GRP parts using these moulds, and only when you are confident you have mastered these things, move on to vacuum or RTM using carbon fibre (which incidentally is far from ideal for making Adv bike parts, as it tends to shatter following relatively light impacts).

Learning the basics isnt simply a matter of watching videos or reading posts on various forums, its something that needs quite a bit of hands on practice, and you will find that unless you have mastered the basics, that trying to work with CF will almost certainly be a quite costly waste of time.
Twin-shocker, thank you for bringing that up! That is a very wise piece of advice.

For those out there like me that don't know what Contact Moulding with GRP means, I Googled it. It's simply laying up fiber glass by hand in an open mold. GRP means Glass Reinforced Plastic, aka FG.

I fully intend to do quite a bit of work with FG before I try to lay up a piece of CF. In fact, the whole reason for making the little fairing model is to learn how plug making works with an emphisis on a very high finish, and making a molds and parst out of FG from that plug and other plugs that I make.

From what I have seen shopping for supplies, it looks like CF is about 8 times more expensive then FG. That's a fair difference.

Sure, I want to see a nice CF part pop out of a mould, but I do want to take the time to properly learn how to lay up composites. Maybe even some vacuum bagging some day.

Twin-shocker, do you have any advice for any particular practice, or project to work on with FG? Tips are always welcome and much needed BTW. I'm all ears!

Schools in, friends!
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