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Originally Posted by warewolf View Post
It's not a 100% failed fuse then, because this morning it was showing 17:29. Definitely needs investigation.

Today I left the bike idling for a while and then stalled it. I couldn't start it again, didn't get any instruments when kicked so probably the idling sucked the life out of the battery. Left the bike alone for 3-5 mins, then when I turned the key on I got instruments and it kicked into life easily.
That does sound like a failure inside the keyswitch when the instruments goes wonky... Also check the wire cluster that are ziptied to the fairing/dash support brace and see if any of the underside wires have rubbed raw and are shorting against the brace... Electrical stuff sucks....

A poor battery does cause all kind of grief with the whole system, I tried to milk a few extra months out of one years back and it made the bike very quirky to start, even with the kicker... When I finally replaced the battery I also had to replace the starter clutch as a related issue... What happened is the weak battery did not engage the starter with enough force to spin the sprague into a good bite on the drum... So the sprague would slip a bit with each start with the weak battery... By the time I put a fresh battery in the sprague was so marred up that it would not hold the drum with the extra gusto from the new battery and just made that horrible slipping squeel...

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