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woooohooo !!!

Finally touched the ground with the knee.... and the elbow..... and the shoulder.... hehehe

Had the most spectacular slide today. ~30mph, slid for got 15-20 feet. Nothing broke on me or the bike. A tiny bruise on the elbow. Other than that, it was actually pretty fun.

As far as Gymkhana.... 35 seconds.... 34 from time to time. No major breakthroughs in technique or time. Working on twisting the bars in the turn. Also tried going different ways. One is to lean hard into the turn, and as the bike slows down and tightens, twist the bars more and stand the bike up.
Two, twisting the bars right at the entrance to the turn, and keeping the bike less leaned, but more initial twist in the bars.

Leaning into the turn, produced much faster times, but twisting the bars right away, tightened the turn considerably.... Interesting.

Also almost got pinched by local rangers. Was lucky enough to take a breather just in time when two patrol cars showed up and wedged another biker who was also doing loops on the same lot. I really feel bad for the guy, as he just got there, and didn't even had time to do anything. Did maybe three loops, and two cars showed up.

I decided to promptly pack and leave. As I was passing them, they were giving stern talking to the other guy, but I didn't see any tickets issues, so I'm hoping he will get away clean.

It is always a hassle to practice during the weekends... Too many people. I have a feeling that my slide had something to do with two patrol cars showing up 15 minutes later.

Its not like we are doing this on the street, its an abandoned airfield, with no pedestrians anywhere near us...

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