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I updated my iPad just to see if I'd like it. Problem is I wasn't able to get onto WiFi afterwards. It's a known issues with certain routers. Seems to really dislike Netgear. This is a separate from the Apple Web page issue that happened early on. I was able to fix it by flashing my router with an older firmware that allowed it to work.

I haven't done my phone but I'll probably do that in a few days. I don't really care for the 3D view. It's not something I'd use on a regular basis. The issues with the image have to do with the photo image not meshing up to the terrain map they have. It's never perfect. You run into the same issue when using a GPS and unlocking it from the roads.

A work around for Maps is to create a Bookmark though Safari. Go to, create a bookmark then Add to Home Screen.
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