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Took the trip to San Diego yesterday to pick up the helmet. William, thanks a lot! Love the thing. First time I've had a helmet on that actually flows air through the vents!

Figured, while I was going, I'd make a day of it. I moved away from San Diego about 20 years ago and figured I'd see how much has changed. Some hasn't. Some has big time! I'll get to that as I go.

Started out at the donought shoup for a donought and coffee:

No, I didn't ask if they made the orange chicken and the donuts with the same grease. Don't want to know, the donuts rock! Also noticed in this picture, the reflective tape works!

Got onto the slab (405 south) and immediately ran into a 7 or 8 mile detour, as I forgot they were replacing a bridge. When I finally got around the semi that was blocking my ability to split lanes, it wasn't too bad, but still frustrating. Got back on the slab, and with the delay caused by the detour, it was time for a smoke and coffee at the rest stop, the same one I stopped at on the Palomar ride. Different day, different dude on the coffee cup:

Pulled off the 8 once I got close to where we were going to meet and saw this. Evidentally, Casper has become a transvestite:

After a little mixup in which Von's I was supposed to be at, he showed up with my new to me Shoei RF-1000. Good fit and comfy and, like I said, the vents rock!

My Quest is now a backup.

I decided to take the 8 down to O.B.(Ocean Beach), my favorite stomping grounds in the 80's. Not much has changed there! O.B. is like walking into one of those kind of seedy beach towns I remember from when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's. Bars, not real clean streets, hippies, punkers, and cool little shops. If you ever visit the San Diego area, I highly reccomend it. Stay there, you'll have more fun than staying in downtown San Diego, trust me.

Walked down Newport Ave. for a bit before I got to the beach.

Saw a whale with a back full of dead animals' homes:

and an octopus pushing more of the same, but cheaper:

Didn't go into this store for fear I may get seen and profiled:

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