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I decided to head on over to a coffee house I used to hang out at called Gelato Vero. Other than the installation of rails and getting rid of the upstairs smoking section (boo!) it hasn't changed much over the last 30 years. Still good coffee and the best gelato on the west coast, bar none! It's in the Mission Hills district on the corner of Washington and India. If you are ever in San Diego it's definatelly worth a stop!

Parked a couple blocks away to avoid the meters. Hey, I own a KLR, of course I'm cheap!

Some shots on the way: A cool sculpture on the side of a bar/grille:

It may sound paranoid, but I think Dr. Who is following me:

MMM, spumoni gelato and iced coffee:

I started to realise that the 60 hr. week I worked last week had worn me down, so I kicked it for a while here:

I was getting sick of only seeing harleys (San Diego's full of them!) so when other bikes went by I took pictures. A dude splitting on his duc:

A happy guy on his XR:

Then the coolest bike all day showed up. This dude showed up with his wife on his 250 Elsinore! That is the bike I wanted as a kid, the bike I was going to get when the salesman (an uncle) talked me into buying my Rickman instead. Loved the Rickman, don't get me wrong, but still always lusted after that Elsinore (I was 13 remember). The guy bought this one off Craigslist for 1100 bucks and it was not only registered but fired right up! I have to check Craigs List more often!

His wife's bike was cool too. He said he used the sticker kit to cover some scratches. Cool job!

Hmm, don't quite know what's happening here, the photos are okay in photobucket, but aren't rotated here...bear with the new guy please! I'll try and fix them later.

Back to the bike I had left parked in front of this cool old house:

Then on to the Gaslamp...
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