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One issue that bugs me with all heated gear is it lacks sufficient insulation. If you want to be comfortable in cold weather (<45F) plan on wearing your heated liner under the insulated liner than comes with your jacket. Other wise you are going to have hot spots where the heating elements are and be cold elsewhere. At temps higher than 45F the heated liner without the extra insulation works fine.
In my experience, I'd rather have a liner that's very thin, with zero insulation. but made of windblocking nylon. That way I can get it as close to my body as possible and have the largest amount of flexibility of insulation between the liner and the outside jacket.

If it's just cool then I ride with the liner and the outer jacket.
Cold then it's the liner, a fleece jacket and then the outer jacket
Freezing, then it's the liner and a down jacket and the outer jacket.

If the liner was insulated, it would:
A. cost more
B. not work as well in a wide range of temps
C. be bulky and less comfortable to wear.
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