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[QUOTE=Ccino;19661685]Very good AteamNM, that first paragraph was brilliant.
But then you got in to opinion and bias.

I'm 54 years old, 6ft 1, and 85 kg. .

Who will benefit from some knowledgable help with bike set-up.

I believe this to be a friendly sport, and have certainly found this to be so locally, where help and advice are given generously.

DERISION OF THE NEW AND UNSKILLED, is on the list to become the next deadly sin.(QUOTE)
Ccinco glad to see you riding trials! You are just a little smaller than A-team and in good shape, but you sound a little beat up like me. It is hard to ride in pain, but proper set up never changes to compete in trials. Bar height can change,peg height can change to an extent. The proper feel from the mounting locations have there limits. Risers just are not the cure. Trouble with most new riders is they bring bad habits from years of riding and do not want to be told they have been always wrong. I always like to ask a street rider how the proper way is to turn on a fast curve, 95% do not have a clue.(It is not lean and turn.)
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