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Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

I SO wish Sena would just make helmet clamp with speakers AND the Aux In jack wired as Earbuds Out! But, your pics and directions should make it feasible to modify a stock clamp to do both.

What is really the downside of not putting those resistors in? Just that my ear buds will be louder? Since I can turn down the Vol on the SMH10, I'm a bit unclear on why I would care.

And if I leave the stock speaker wires in there, they would run at the same time, right, whether I have my earbuds plugged in or not, yes?

Now I really want to try this. I have been wanting a clamp that I could use to listen to music even when I'm just on a short trip and don't want to hassle with putting my ear buds in.

So, if I've read all this correctly, to leave the stock speakers intact and functional and just convert the Aux In to Earbud Out, all I have to do is cut those 4 traces and solder in 3 wires, right (or 2 resistors and 1 wire, if I want to knock down the volume on the ear buds)?
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