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When I took my MSF class it was a great experience for me. But, truth be told, one of the instructors treated the women different. One woman was there because she wanted to get a scooter. Not even a scooter that needed to be licensed. She was excited to learn to ride and very attentive. But that instructor was far less patient with her than with others. He certainly addressed me differently. In fact, he was pretty ornery to the point that the woman was in tears at one point (not in front of him, thankfully) She failed the practical at the end. Not sure by how much, but couldn't have been much. I watched everybody take their practicals. Some of the gray area scoring didn't seem to go her way. I have no idea if she tried to get her license again - I hope so, but doubt it given her MSF experience.

Another woman was also treated poorly, although she clearly wasn't ready for the road. But she didn't need to be yelled at like a drill sergeant either.

I don't think there's really a solution other than complaining to the management, for whatever that's worth. Some people are just assholes and sometimes you just need to work your way around them.
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