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I flew last week, and it was the same routine in both directions:

Stand is a line (I really like Southwest's treatment of frequent fliers that allows us to stand in the really short security line) and show the TSA guy a piece of paper, which he doodles on with a pen. He also looked at my ID, and asked me to say my name. I had no option to place my boarding pass on a scanner.

Does he give up the doodling when you show him an iPhone?
94 flights so far this year and all of them with digital boarding passes.

Yeah. No doodles on the iPhone. They never touch it and they usually never look at it. After they see me raise the phone, they kind of nod towards the scanner and I put it on there.

Passbook was the reason I updated. Boarding passes from the lock screen is pretty nice.

I am holding off on the iPhone 5. I don't want a larger phone than the 4 I have now. I don't want to carry around something the size of a soft-cover book in my front pocket.
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