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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post
Do you really believe that Sid?

Hamilton may be guilty of avarice but as his prime motivation? I don't think that's it. He knows that he could walk away from F1 now and build a financially secure future just by doing what Moss has done for years (just by being Stirling Moss).

No. I think that it's more complex. Possibly to do with his sense of being less important to McLaren than his ego can accept. I think that after the Alonso affair, he was convinced that the McLaren world revolved around him, the way that Button has been welcomed by the team and the way that Button has managed to fit in due to his apparent affability, has destabilised his view of his own place at the top of the heap. Perhaps he needs to feel he is the unchallenged number one? Perhaps he's noted the way that Mercedes has put all its eggs in one basket (sidelining Rosberg in the process) and thinks that he could be the next Schumacher with Brawn's help?

He knows that his future worth will increase with more championships. There must be something more than just money that makes him feel that his chances are better elsewhere.
Perhaps. And, of course, he has yet to leave.

But 20 million pounds is a heck of a lot more than 10 million pounds. It's a mountain of money, if the numbers are true.

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