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Just a week ago Domenicali was calling for shorter races. One of his underlying assumptions was that the cars are so reliable these days that distance runs prove nothing.

Yeah, about that, Stefano. Cars are dying every week. Today it was Hamilton's turn.

I keep looking at the big picture and wondering if this isn't another huge break for Alonso. He gets 3rd and valuable points. The man who was closest to him in the points DNF's.

And the man who won the race has a car whose competitiveness is suspect on anything that's not a high downforce track.

I look at the calendar and I wonder which tracks are Red Bull friendly. I'm honestly not sure anymore. It seems to me the Ferrari will trundle through the last 6 races, earning a reliable C grade every time. While the Red Bull will oscillate between an A and a D, depending upon the track.

Should be interesting.

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