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Take care of those stitches and don't stress them. I got 36 a few years back when a utility blade met my thigh. All the way to the bone, 18 stitches inside, and 18 on the outside. It took a while for the muscles to grow back together and have some strength. Mine was vertical, and I assume yours is a horizontal cut. That's hard not to stress, but do your best not to hurt it more.

Heal well.

Good god! I thought it was bad when I put a 4 incision to my hip. I work with box cutters everday, and I train my fellow employees properly cause I don't want someone to get cut and learn the hard way like me. It's kinda scary when you got a gash like that.

Me and my girl saved up $2500 for a down payment on a cage, spent all day looking for one bought a LAME PT cruiser 5speed, didn;t get enough sleep. Got home at 6:15 had to go to work at 7:30PM. Around 1:30AM I go to get a new razor blade from my boss. He says "don't cut your finger off!" Five minutes later I was cutting an emtpy water case in an X on the bottom, For some reason, I was half awake, holding the box on my hip (something i Never done before) and sliced through the box, then straight through my side. Not a good day. Bought a crap car and got some 2 stitches on the inside and
5 staples the outside. Atleast my job paid for the doctors.

"Hey joe, I didn't cut my finger....!"
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He's the XL600 Jesus, his bike dies for our sins.

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