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If you have an issue complain to the MSF mothership but be ready to answer some uncomfy questions. I'm not a msf corp member or any way related to the org but most instructors aren't there to be your friend, they're there to keep you alive. If you're there just for the drill to get papered or if you're there to learn makes a difference. Heck my ex ole lady even passed the class and day 1 to 1.5 was all about getting into her pants. So bad vibes on both ends. It took till 1/2 way through day two she finally told him if he doesn't lighten up and back off and she can't kick his arse she'll gut an fillet him before he hits the ground. She rode well and passed the course. Don't know all your specific instructor/student issues but contrary to US popular belief it's NOT always the teachers fault that lil Johnny flunked out. If you feel you really got jerked around bitch to the official people that can give you the warm-n-fuzzy you seek.
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