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Originally Posted by dolomoto View Post
Ah, nicely played.

The OP has said she is satisfied, and moving on.

If folks would like to debate the dangers of taking an MSF course....I'm up for it...on another thread.

Good on the OP for realizing that the MSF training is "one size fits all" but is not best for all.

Fair weather and smooth roads to all riders. Ride Often and minimize your Risks!
So your 100% is 100% bullshit. What a troll. You give with one hand and wank with the other.

100% success rate in sucking people in.

But on a more serious note I believe that she would deserve a refund if the standard of the class was advertised as "novice" and the instructor decided that the others were being "held back" because of one person. Assuming that even though they were taking longer their progression was within the time frames allocated.

If on the other hand she was in a course for "riders with certain experience" then the time frames and criteria would not be the same and she may have not been up to the entry standard required. A "sheep in wolves clothing" to turn a phrase about. Then of course it would be out the door. No trolls in this training course... goodnight Doreen.

A trainer is someone who can take a person that can not do a task and transform that person into someone who can do the task. There is no guarantee of 100% success.

A trainer is NOT someone who watches some other person perform a task and then believed that they have trained them if they only simply asked them to do it. That is truly the sign of a wanker. Training is about tuition and corrective action and then observing the result that meets a specified level of outcome. Just watching is just a voyeur and there are many voyeur videos out there. Be careful if you Google "voyeur videos" the content may not be about motorcycling.... but I think I mentioned wankers previously.

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