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Here's some crustiness. I had to scan these in. These are from almost 20 years ago, wow!

My old BSA WD/M20. Believe it or not, I toured Israel on this thing then shipped it back to the US! Engine seized once. It didn't go very fast, but it sure was a tractor. When I rode into the old city of Acre/Acco and had a bunch of kids jump-in the side car for a ride. The Israel Police were not amused to say the least. I then made the mistake of riding into the wrong neighbourhood in Jerusalem on a Saturday morning. I got yelled at and rocks thrown at me for "desecrating the sabbath".

I wanted to buy this one, but somebody from NZ snatched it up if I remember correctly.

The resident BSA mechanics. Bizbiz in Tel Aviv...

I took off the sidecar once just to get a feel, that's it outside on the left. Inside Bizbiz.
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