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Originally Posted by dolomoto View Post
I reckon we'll just have to disagree. I can name 3-4 other RC who've also never counseled a rider out.

If you're gonna call me a Liar, just go ahead and do so.

I cut my teeth on the RSS and then transitioned to the BRC/ERC and watched many fine Instructors quit rather than "facilitate" the riders in BRC. As for me, helping riders learn life saving skills became a passion.

I've started classes early and went as late as 8pm if the rider was willing to stay.

I really hate to hear about the RC's that think just because they are a RC, then they know best.

IMO, counseling a rider out is a failure on the RC. We're not teaching people to build the space shuttle, we're helping riders learn Basic motorcycle skills. Maybe more RC's should run the exercises longer...or even run them twice instead of "counseling" riders out.
You sound like you've spent some time in the military training to standard and not to time and given enough attention to the standard, almost anyone can pick up a new skill. Good on ya'. I just took my ERC (AGAIN...!) to meet US Army requirements. To be honest, I was dreading it since I just took the Total Control before coming back to Germany. Have to say, the instructor today was a breath of fresh air. Motorad Action Team has the MSF contract here in Germany, so I got a German trained expert who had the time and patience to help expand on the Total Control training AND let me practice a better skill set while still meeting the MSF guidelines. Truly refreshing. He did have to ask me to slow it down a tick on the turning exercises, but provided great feedback on cornering and body position. He could also relate the physics behind the maneuver in order to explain why the technique does what is does. That may be because he was a German AF fighter pilot though.

Hate to hear the OP's experience with MSF - I'm not a fan of the curriculum, but it is a good method to learn or improve a teachable skill. Hope she gets back in the saddle sooner rather than later.
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