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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
There are a few limits when it comes to Along-road Routing. As mentioned there is a 50 Via Point limit. There is also a distance limit which I think (haven't tested lately) is 1000 miles. If one does judicious placement of Via Points AFTER intersections they seem to not get announced and you still get the intersection shown in the Navigation Info list. I have to believe you can make a rather complex along-road route (maybe not walking) with 50 via points.

One trick I used when I had zumo's was to use waypoints for information and not route path shaping. This enabled me to have lots of Waypoints associated with the route. I used Proximity Alerts so that I would get prompts on the zumo.

You are likely right DRTBYK.......only I have become so comfortable with the ease of track use that I really only use routes in a pinch to get somewhere quick without spending a bunch of time figuring out an exact track.
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