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Originally Posted by Bill_Z View Post
First, let me say that I have not read the entire thread, but that I was so upset by your comments that I have simply jumped in to reply:

This is EXACTLY what happened to my wife when we attempted the class together, with my Father-In-Law. We were excited to have the opportunity to share the learning experience and found the group to be much too large (18+) with four or five instructors that we all rushing to keep a schedule and not worried about teaching the riders that were actually beginners. My wife bailed on the class within the first hour and I was ready to lay hands on someone because of the way they made my wife and best friend feel like an idiot.

I found out, after the class, that the instructors were being evaluated on their presentation and ability to perform by their superiors, and as a result, completely lost sight of the objective of the class.

Boy, I was hot. I finished the class, because of the cost invested, but my wife was unable to proceed. At this point, I am not surprised to hear of your experience. I will offer an apology to you and others who have had this experience. It's too bad that this program is suffering because the premise is good, but I believe that they have lost the purpose and spirit of teaching. My wife never received an apology from anyone that day, or afterwards. It still make me mad, so I can empathize with your comments and feelings.
I'm very sorry to hear about this and other poor experiences with MSF. I can't relate to how the coaches might have been behaving as I have no personal experience with mass "bail-outs" from a class. I also am reading a number of reports in this thread of coaches belittling students, making them cry, etc. I am sure it happens but would bet that most cases are largely the result of factors other than the coach.

While I have occasionally found a (female) student close to tears in frustration as they desperately strive to master new skills, I have only come across a handful who claimed that some instructor made them cry by shouting at them. I DO point out that "If you hear me raising my voice it is because you are on a running motorcycle and wearing a helmet. I am shouting TO you, not AT you." If someone still ends up tearful, patient inquiry has ALWAYS revealed a reason other than the coaching, such as "My husband will be SO mad at me if I fail this - he already bought me a bike and I'm scared of it because it's so heavy", etc. There are also people who show up for class tired, hungry, hung over, high, etc., or with some other self-inflicted burden.

It seems as if you might have been a student in a Ridercoach training class, where new coaches are being put through their paces with real live students, delivering a real live BRC. In my experience, the students get excellent attention in such courses because of the additional coaches, and the watchful eye of the Ridercoach Trainers to keep everyone in line. A Ridercoach Trainer class is even more interesting because you have trainee Trainers, training trainee Coaches, training students, all being watched by the top level instructors. It doesn't seem to diminish the experience for most students, however.

The maximum number of students allowed on a training range is 12 although I can understand how it might feel like more when there is a lot of action going on.

Originally Posted by Bill_Z View Post
I found out, after the class, that the instructors were being evaluated on their presentation and ability to perform by their superiors, and as a result, completely lost sight of the objective of the class.
This statement makes no sense as the coaches should have been MORE aware of the objective of the class and MORE attentive to the needs of every student. It's hard to say for certain, not having been there, but I strongly suspect there were other factors you were not tuned in to, that led to your wife bailing within an hour.
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