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There is a lot that people assume about the relationship between MSF and the RC in a parking lot that generally isn't correct.

MSF develops the curriculum and provides materials and training on how to use them (see below).

RCs very rarely work for MSF- they work for themselves or the person that has the contract to run that site.

The person running the site is repsonsible for ensuring that they follow the state's guidelines for training. Policy on dismissing students is a combination of the local state and the local site.

The state typically has a small staff of people to ensure compliance and train new instructors. The training staff is trained by MSF.

So, it's all pretty disjointed. How it works in Georgia is not how it works in WA; how it works at one site in Texas may not how it works five miles away.

Oregon and Idaho are exceptioins, not only do they not use MSF materials, they have one program that covers the entire state, instructors work for the program. (I think there are a few other states like this as well.)

So the person to complain to is probably the local site franchisee, and maybe the state coordinator's office- although a friend used to work for the state office, and when he said something to a site franchisee, they told him "yeah, OK, sure, uh-huh,, go away now"- because they knew nobody was going to replace them, so the state really had no power.
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