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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
Really? A 1/2" rise made it like night and day?

PS; are your backs that bad that a 1/2 -1" rise makes that much difference in your trail (not trial) riding?
I think that my Alpinestars boots are 1/2" higher in the soles than my Gaernes. I should have raised the bars to get my world right again!

Are we talking observed trials at a decent class level or mostly guys riding around on trials bikes?

I've had this discussion with dirt bikers with about the same results.

There have been some very good riders in this thread giving free and good advice. You guys jack up your bikes any way you want! At least we are all riding!
Gordy, I support 80% of your post, or more. I like to point out that our bikes are designed around some "general" height/weight considerations. that the 1/2 inch spacers under the bars "SEEMS TO BE" a fairly great way to make a 6ft 1inch rider (my dad for instance) be able to stand on the bike very similiar to how I stand on the bike without them. His legs are longer, torso not that much different. I, however am only 5ft 7inches, I ride dad's bike semi often, even had to ride his, one time when my gasgas let me down one weekend at our club event. the 1/2 inch riser affected me for about 1 of the 3 loops, by the end of the 1st loop I got used to them.

I also remind you that just because Raga/Bou do or dont use the risers, it is MOST LIKELY because they seem to be at the perfect height for what the bikes are being "designed" around. If Bou was 6ft 2inches, and weighed double what he does, either the bikes would relflect his 'adjustments' aka springs, and bar risers. Plus they make "taller" bars bent identical to what the bikes sell with, just for the reason. We do spacers, instead of custom bars, because dad and I strive for interchange-ability of our bikes! If he had taller bars, but had accident bent or broken, unless he buys spares, he has to use what I use (we actually keep 3 bikes, most of the time, like now we have a 10,11, & 12 Raga 300 in our stable, last year it was 08, 10, & 11 Raga). Risers are relatively easy to swap!

My dad is 76, the risers are mandatory for him, I don't know, I DON'T think moving the bars up a little hurts taller people as nearly as much as it does a "non-tall" rider like me!

I just say you are meaning the right thing, people ask John Force, for instance what does he do to win 15 championships (other than just money lol), BUT if they asked it here on ADV, they'd get pissy when he said "well there seems to be best results with his 4 inch throttle lever mounted comfortably 28 inches from the base of the race seat... For god's sake everyone if you ask what the people that ride hard, eat breath and love trials, then take the advice for what it is, ADVICE. if your leggs are 44 inches, then you might have to move the lever different measurements? Ya think? But maybe the key was how his leg fits on the pedals? this is just an analogy, not perfect.

And I would dare say that if you weigh exactly what Raga/Bou does, and same height, (what about 170-180 lbs at 5ft 9inches?) then 20 years of research seems to have proven, that the bike is damn near perfect from the factory, as far as ergonomics to do the best you can do in "TRIALS"? Deviation from that may or may not "help" the rider to become a Raga/Bou, so how far to change anything, would be incrimental? Lampkin was a good argument, for a tall SOB on a trials bike, anyone know if he might not have used different bars, or riser mods? (forgot who are the big dogs for Ossa and Sherco right now? sorry or I would include them in this arguement). If this crap doesn't seem to work, you know I dont think S-3 would have much chance in hell selling them? but who knows.

I think it takes 2 brain cells to rub together that 3 inch bar risers, when NOBODY that is "COMPETANT" and proven good, trials riders use them... I mean hell, you can swing a golf club like a baseball bat, if you tee the ball that high, but most people seem to try to learn to swing the clubs, like the pro golfers do, not reinvent the wheel and how we roll the damn things...

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