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Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
Man, I had a ball. Although most of it was in some kind of haze of dust and terror at being run over by a 250 lb guy on a 500 lb bike, going *really* fast. I always thought my 450 EXC was pretty tough. That is, until Scott, I think, rolled up next to me while I was pinned in 6th gear, laughed, and casually dug a 2" deep trench away from me on hardpack gravel. Then Bartek (sp?) flew by, exhaust popping because he'd rolled OFF the throttle and was still going 25 mph faster than I was...

This and other episodes (hill-climbing narrow cinder pit climbs I can't even make it up) should have led me to question their judgement, but all thoughts of judgement were smashed when they decided to get "beer" for the evening. In Bend. .

Darryl winces in pain...

Unlike some of my compatriots here in Beervanna (you know who you are Jim) I will *never* turn down a cold beer, and we had a darned good evening. (Although there were more displays of questionable judgement, somebody beat me to the 4up hula hoop toss picture... )

I have a few more pics I could post but this darned "work" thing is getting in the way of life after playing hookie last week.

Radek - you live in BC right? And the China Hat powerline goes south.... ? :)
I would like to thank you for the kick ass ride on the Friday with all the riders involve i had a blast !!!! and will be there next year !!! Beer is the best reward after a great day riding !!!
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