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Gordy, I support 80% of your post, or more. I like to point out that our bikes are designed around some "general" height/weight considerations. that the 1/2 inch spacers under the bars "SEEMS TO BE" a fairly great way to make a 6ft 1inch rider (my dad for instance) be able to stand on the bike very similiar to how I stand on the bike without them. His legs are longer, torso not that much different. I, however am only 5ft 7inches, I ride dad's bike semi often, even had to ride his, one time when my gasgas let me down one weekend at our club event. the 1/2 inch riser affected me for about 1 of the 3 loops, by the end of the 1st loop I got used to them.
I must also say, that It is weird that 1/2 inch makes that much difference, but also have to say, that even though I got used to them, I still struggled with them, and I will NOT use them.

Dad's trying to get them off the 2011, to move to his 2012 raga as we speak, regional's this weekend. Not sure which bike I'll ride. my 2010 has been pretty dang good to me, and they do "run" different, but I wont know until we get those RISERS off the 11 if I can ride it as well... LOL

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