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Recently, a guy asked me to ride his 400 KTM to see what I thought. He had about 2" risers.
I thought I was going to kill myself and could not turn the damn thing to save my soul. I may be funny, but I like to feel what the front tire is doing and can't do that without being able to push some weight onto it.

A lot of desert riders still use them and I think it is a carry over from the "old days". Back then, everyone had high bars. Have you ever sat on a vintage Husky with stock bars?

anyway........for observed trials, and if you aren't crippled up, try to roll the stock bars forward "a touch" and see if you can make coners better without dabbing. It may take a day or more to get used to it, but try it uphill, downhill, on sidehills, off-camber, loose, etc.

If it doesn't help, like others have said, you can always do something else!

BTW, core/back strengthing and stretching (for old guys) is best left to another thread!
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