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Non-routable map?

What is a non-routable map?
I have Topo 100k and CN 2013 installed. Which map should I select for the direct routing?

We prefer routes over tracks as the routes give us distance to next and predictive turn instructions. When approaching a turn we have a pretty good idea which way to go.

Tracks requires more constant monitoring of the GPS and sometimes at intersections it will be required to take one or more of the trails for some distance to verify the correct turn has been made.

As I understand it you combine tracks with waypoints and proximity alerts to mimic what the routes do: distance to next and predictive turn instructions. Is this correct?
1) Proxmity alerts will warn you of an upcoming turn? DO you get some sort of "distance to alert" message?
2) What is the purpose of the waypoints?

JB Rupee

PS Thanks for the detailed replies.

Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
The route you were looking at in my post was created 5min before I posted it... so, yes to either: Windows or Mac BC v4.0.1.

The trick is to switch between a routable and non-routable map when you want to go "off-road". On Mac BC you can do it another way using the Routing Properties window to switch between Along-road and Direct Routing Activities and then use the cmd-z when BC wants to recalculate. But, the map switching is easier and less confusing.

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