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Mixed mode routes

Just did a quick test of creating a route in Windows BC. By switching from CN to Topo I can create a direct (straight line) section within a route.
Looks like that problem is solved in BC Win. Havent transferred to the GPS yet to see if that causes any issues. WOnt get to it until later in October as I am traveling. But I dont imagine there will be any issues transferring the mixed mode route from BC to the 478 or 276

Yes, we use earbuds (sometimes) for the predcitive info. But more importanly is the distance to next and predictive arrow info. Not stopping and trying to figure out where to go. When we approach an turn we know exactly where to go.

In the past when following tracks (without proximity alerts and waypoints) it involves creeping up on the turn (or more likey overrunning the turn if you are motoring along or your attention is on a difficult technical trail). Then stopping, especially if the intersection has multiple turns or multiple trails within a short distance to determine the correct way to go.

Maybe tracks with waypoints and proximity alerts can solve the problem. But there is nothing like looking down at the GPS and seeing that you are exactly on the planned route rather than "near" a straight line track.

I have had this happen on a few occasions with a Zumo when there are parallel tracks in a wooded section. Just a few yards apart, but you cant see the other one. Get a couple miles down the wrong one which is now veering off course and does not reconnect. No choice but to backtrack and pick up the correct trail. Routes pretty much eliminate any of this.

Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
As mentioned, your US 100K Topo's do not have routable data: i.e, non-routable maps. If you were to use them along with CNNA (which obviously does have routable data) in BaseCamp you should be able to create mixed-routes and send them to the Montana: at least with Mac-BC. Try the map-switching technique in Win-BC.

If you do use Tracks to navigate, you can add Waypoints along your path as informational Alerts. I like to place my Waypoints along the Track but they don't have to be actually on the Track path, within 200ft is enough for them to be included in the Nav Info list. Any point included in the Nav Info list will also show in the Distance to Next data field. You can put Proximity Alerts in the Waypoints and you will get the beep/screen-popups when you approach the waypoint and when you depart the Proximity radius.

I guess I'm not sure how you are actually using your GPS's. Are you getting audio feeds through earbuds? If you are just looking at the Routing Nav Info then Track Nav can give you very similar Info on the Montana.

Or, use Mixed-Routes. You all just need the same version of the map that was use to create the Along-road Routing data in your mixed-route: i.e, CNNA v20xx.xx

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