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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
The weight of the big GS does have its advantages.

This isn't the first time I've heard of GS owners coming out well from animal impacts. I knew a guy who hit a large coyote doing about 70mph. He had a nasty tank slapper, but pulled it out. Upon inspection, there was coyote hair wedged deeply into the bead area between tire and rim. Obviously, the coyote was toast.
I hit a huge dog which jumped out at me. I had like .2 seconds to react so I didn't. I hit the dog which was so big that its hair was embedded in the bash plate meaning it was wider than the GS's ground clearance. Like I say - a BIG dog.

I didn't even have a tank slapper. All I felt was a big bump. The bike tracked perfectly throughout the front wheel, then the bash plate then the back wheel running over the animal.
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