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Originally Posted by reenmachine View Post
It's more your fanatical insistence that something is "obvious" when from any objective standpoint it's anything but. You employ almost every logical fallacy in the book and combine that with the hubris of blindly seeing your own viewpoint as the only one with any possible credibility, all the while bringing absolutely nothing useful to the discussion, either technical or otherwise. As if that weren't enough, you don't even own one of these bikes and your only apparent agenda here is to talk trash about BMW in a condescending, counter-productive way.

We'll never see eye to eye on this because we approach the topic (and probably almost everything else) in completely different ways. I function in an analytical world where I must examine things on technical and logical merit, seeing past emotional reactions and distinguishing actual evidence from obfuscatory circumstance. I understand causation and its love/hate relationship with correlation. I don't adopt a position because I really, really, really want things to be that way, I adopt a position because the evidence supports it and it withstands logical scrutiny.

I don't know why you've latched onto this issue so hard and why you want so badly for this to be a terrible design flaw by BMW which was then nefariously covered up by its evil legal team. Seems to me there may be better outlets for your energy, ones that might bring you more happiness, but maybe not.

Damn, I've broken one of my cardinal rules and fed the troll.
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