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Don't get me wrong, I can't help but scope out the fork bosses all the time. Every time I Rain-X the windscreen and headlight (which is pretty often) I also wipe down that area and give it a good once-over. I even pulled over recently after striking some debris on the freeway at 75 mph, mostly to inspect the tire, but I also looked at the bosses. I'm not overly worried about it, but I do my due diligence.

This problem, like so many, probably resides in the vast grey area comprising most of the real world. That is to say, it's most likely not long-term fatigue exposing a design flaw, nor is it a sudden strike leading to instant failure, a fact which, as you note, is borne out by the evidence (just riding along when...bam). My hypothesis is that it was an adequate but not awesome design that gave way in a few instances after years of hard combined on/off-road use. I contend that the critical damage occurred during a specific event some time before the failure and wasn't severe enough to cause instant breakage, but was enough to seal the fork's fate at some point down the road.

Of course that's just my opinion and it's equally as invalid as everyone else's on here.

None of that, of course, has anything to do with AW's failure, but it's just as likely that some assembly shop cockup led to that as anything else.
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