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Originally Posted by RUNDCM View Post
The Met-- The good-- The blinkers make clicking noise, I like that , 260 miles on it so far,,,tops at 35 straightaways 25 on hills. Not much else to report it does its job, & I can park it with bicycles . A scoot like this is too handy to not have around for summer errands.

The PCX--The Good-- Still the same, it runs a little faster to 55-60 MPH but doesent have much to offer past that speed limit, its been on highways holds on but I dont think I'll ever see 70 on it. Time will tell... Did Oil change. Need a 12 mm socket for the drain plug and a 17 mm wrench for the filter screen. Use a coffee can or something to drain oil into--regular oil pan for car is too big to fit right under it. I put synthetic in it --no reason just what auto parts store had availble. other than that - no (new)accessories , no modifications. Gas mileage is about 98-101.... I weigh 205 lbs . 6'11 tall. Thats about all to report. The color of it is red and I like the red.
6'11 tall and 205 lbs? Skinny dude. Must look clown car like on the 50cc scoot.
Kinda weird to mention liking clicking blinkers.
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