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Day 8 Sept 24 334 kms Salt Lake City UT to Moab UT

The plan was to get up early, do a bit of maintenance, hit the road and get lots of miles in today.


I went out to do my morning check for loose bolts and any issues. My derby cover had been leaking slightly since I got the bike, and even after Starsky changed the stator, it was still leaking a bit. It was bugging me, so this morning I thought I would pull the cover, install the new gasket Starsky had given me, and plug that leak. I got it all buttoned up, went back inside to shower and dick around while I let the sealant cure, came out, packed the bike, and off for breakfast. When I came out after breakfast, I looked under the bike, and it was like someone had opened the tap.


So, In the McDonalds parking lot, I pulled the cover, cleaned it up real good, added MORE silicone ( actually, there is a flaw in the primary cover that someone had tried to fix at one time) bolted it back up. Now just to let it cure for a couple of hours. What to do while I waited. Checkout time in my room wasn’t for a couple more hours, and I am sure the housecleaning staff would let me back in. I could go watch TV.

Screw that! I went for a walk around the Lehi area of Salt Lake City for a couple hours.

I headed back to the bike, fired it up, rode it a couple of blocks, back on the kickstand. No leaking. I rode it a couple of miles, parked it for a bit, no leaking. Sweet!!

I figured I should pick up another gasket in case I needed back in there to adjust the clutch or something, so I had searched “Harley” in my google maps app. It came up with a Harley Dealer on my way south, but also Grimms Cycle Salvage about 10 miles south of me. I checked their website, and they dealt with all brands of bikes, but seemed to specialise in American Iron. That sounds like my kind of place. I found it all right, walked in, and that’s when I met Sean and Kat.

I got the gasket from Kat and got to talking bikes. Sean comes out and we start talking. I mention riding my Buell to Guatemala, and his interest peaks up. Seems he is planning to ride to Costa Rica to see his buddy, and, well, we got to talking even more.

Turns out he has an FXR and a couple of tuber Buells. He comes out to look at my shovel, notices my muffler, which I have known for a while could use some welding, but is not leaking exhaust or going anywhere. He asks me if I want to weld it. I say “sure”. He asks if I can weld, and I tell him “nope” He says he is a good welder, but has a dislocated shoulder (he also has a WR450). He says if I pull it, do all the prep work, help him support the cable, he will weld it up. Sounds good. So we dick around with it for a bit, BSing the whole time. He welds it, I clean it up with a die grinder, still BSing about bikes and stuff.

While I am reinstalling the muffler, he starts talking about some work he wants to do with one of his Buells. I mention that I met a guy from Corpus Christi last January while riding through Mexico who built some Buell choppers. He looks at me funny, says was he on his way to Costa Rica, and I says “yeah…..”

Turns out he is real good friends with the fellow I met at a gas station on my birthday last winter and that’s who he was going to ride down and see. Click Here to see the post.

I head out, well into the afternoon. Sean gives me his card, and says if I need anything, he probably has it, and he will ship it to me. I invite him and Kat to come and stay with me and my family when he does his trip to Alaska in a couple years.

Sean and Kat have a motorcycle salvage, new and used parts and repair business for all makes and models. He fabs parts and builds awesome custom bikes. If you are looking for parts for whatever you’re riding, there is a good chance he has it or can get it. Click Here for their website (a shameless plug)

Away I go, with a welded muffler and a couple of good gaskets should I need them.

I turn onto Hwy 6 East, and am caught off guard by the colors of the changing leaves.

It was nice to get off the freeway again.

It was a great road, with great scenery.

I stopped at Green River for gas and got talking to an older biker from Colorado for a while. He told me about some good riding in his area I might check out.

I turned towards Moab, and stopped for a shot of the hills.

I also took the opportunity to get yet another picture of my bike, cause, well, I don’t have enough yet J

I pull into Moab, and it’s crazy busy. It’s, like, Monday night, and the traffic is nuts. I whip into a Motel 6 to get a room, and she asks If I have a reservation. “for a Motel 6” I said. And she says, “yes”, like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Turns out they were booked solid, and almost every other motel had a “No Vacancy” sign out.


I found one run down looking place with rooms still. $135 a night. I said “Wow” and left.

I checked one more place before I thought I would have to ride back to Green River, and was able to get a nice room for an almost reasonable rate.

Moab is pretty touristy, and walking down town showed it. Almost every business, store or restaurant was geared towards tourists. And it was super busy everywhere. I asked one local about it, and he said because now was cool enough for people to enjoy it here.

I checked out a Chinese buffet and headed back to my room for the night.

And…. There is still no oil under my bike!!

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