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I do believe that these "other" failures have something to do with AW's thread.

Her's was (for all practical purposes) a "new" bike. She is a beginning rider. The bike had the "new" design fork. It failed. We can see a bent axle. We dont see any marks or have any real reason to expect that this bike recieved a major impact in it's short road life.

If we continue to place blame for the failures on forced failure due to one or more major impacts then those who ride less spirited on only good roads might assume the caution doesn't apply to them.

"If" something improper in the assembly of the front wheel / fork is contributing to the failure then every front tire change could be a riders last.

As long as it stays active and near the top of the page this thread is serving as a PSA to those riding the affected BMWs to be mindful of the setup / condition of their bike.

A friend of mine just returned from a purchase, fly and ride on a 650 GS. He was unaware of this "potential" issue.

I don't want to be so presumptive as to speak for AW, but I doubt that she is upset about the long life of this thread, especially if she was silenced by an agreement with BMW.

+1 on reenmachine's statement from above, "Of course that's just my opinion and it's equally as invalid as everyone else's on here."
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