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What boggles my mind is how the people who own these bikes can continue riding the
bikes when so much remains unknown. Are your lives really worth less than a new set of forks costs ?
Sure, you wouldn't admit to that, but every time you ride the bike with OEM forks that is exactly the bargain
you have made, whether you admit it or not.

To me, the price of a new set of forks, even Ohlins or other high dollar examples,
is trivial compared to the risk of fork failure which is incurred when riding the
bike with OEM forks. If you were in charge of an airline
company and you made such decisions relative to questionable parts and a plane
crashed and people died, no punishment would be too severe. Yet you are making
a similar choice if you ride with the OEM forks, and you are not only risking your own
lives, you are possibly endangering others on the road. And that makes you a person of
questionable morality, since you have chosen to share the risk with the rest of us
despite the fact that we do not deserve to be a victim of your poor choices.

I anticipate you deniers will want to call me a troll in order to make yourselves more
comfortable. That would be expected. But what I really am is a person
who sees a very serious risk which is impossible to quantify on one side of the scale and
the relatively small cost of eliminating the risk entirely on the other side of the scale.
This equation is absurd. If my wife had one of these bikes I would lock the bike up
so she could not ride it until I had installed new forks. Good grief, don't you people
understand that a human life exceeds the value of everything you could ever possibly own ?

Some of you must have wives, or husbands, or children, or parents, or maybe all of the
above. Why don't you ask them what they think about whether you should get a new set
of forks. I bet not a single one says no.


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