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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
So, it's all pretty disjointed. How it works in Georgia is not how it works in WA; how it works at one site in Texas may not how it works five miles away.

Oregon and Idaho are exceptioins, not only do they not use MSF materials, they have one program that covers the entire state, instructors work for the program. (I think there are a few other states like this as well.)
A program that covers the entire State... wow perhaps a program that covers the entire Country. Nah... Ad Hoc pandemonium is the way we do it in this world ... what a joke... what confusion. All because trainers can't agree on a single syllabus....

And then each state argues that there is no statistical evidence to prove that their method increases the risk to the rider. What is evident is the confusion between states. Oh.... did you think I was talking about the 50 States of the USA... nah I was talking about the half dozen States of Oz. You'd think that such a small number would have little variation. Not the case.
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