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Day 5
Cheke-chow had a lazy morning with us.

After screwing around for a while, she wandered back down the hill.

We did also.

Signs that winter is coming.

We were a bit unsure of our route at this point and ran into two nomads on bikes. We were able to get them to understand the next town we were headed for and the one guy had us follow him for about 25km. At his place he pointed us to a short cut to the next town.

We were a little skeptical about it since it wasn't marked on our map but it was heading in the right direction.

Lunches were the hardest meal for us because there wasn't much choice of food. We were tight on lunch supplies so we decided to whip up a quick batch of Steppe Stew.

Now we started coming across sections of alternate single track routes.


These routes would often go the same places the two tracks did but might avoid some big mud holes or really deep river crossings.

We got dumped into another amazing valley that we followed upstream. Another nomad stopped. No words exchanged. Most of these guys would acknowledge their approval of our bikes.

Buuuuurrrrrt spotted this. It's called a "Deer Stone", carved thousands of years ago and still standing.

You gotta like river crossings if you're gonna ride in Mongolia. Here's Minxter showing us how its done.

After missing our turn and having to back track about 10km, we made it to the town we were hoping for.

We picked up supplies. Chinese motorcycle parts were readily available in lots of these little stores. We knew we had made the right choice of bikes at this point.

The Mongols all were curious about our helmets. They don't use them but many wanted to try them on. This was the only guy during the whole trip that could actually cram his huge head into it! Many tried with no luck.

We had a breakthrough at this town when we learned how to obtain water. All the little towns have a municipal well (hutag) which is open certain hours of the day. This is how everyone gets their water in the villages. Someone sits inside this little hut where the pump is and turns it on to fill your containers from a pipe sticking out of it.

We made our way out of town and found another awesome campsite by the river. We bathed and did our routine of Steppe Stew and vodka. The trip was going great! Nice relaxed pace.

116km for the day.
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