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Originally Posted by Byron1 View Post
Hi all,

Just to add my tuppence worth to the debate.. (apologies to deviate from the subject of films! )

We are currently riding all around the Americas on a 1979 r100rs. We rode across the border through Tijuana last week.

So far... Everyone has been so friendly and can't do enough to help us. We attempted some dirt tracks, but riding two up on a heavily laden road bike with road tires probably wasn't the best idea... Inevitably we got a puncture, it wasn't long before all sorts of people were offering to help.*

One particular truck full of mean looking futher muckers pulled up and I thought this is it... Game over... I had the tire lever in my hand ready just in case... After a brief conversation in my shaky Spanish, they all started laughing, reached into the back of their truck and pulled out two ice cold cans of Modelo beer for us!*

The next day, our battery had died... My fault for not checking the fluids. Anyway, some police pulled over to help us..they didn't have any jump leads on them so drove off to find some and came back minutes later to help get us started. When I tried giving them some pesos in return they just patted me on the back and said "no Gracias amigo".. So much for them all being on the take.

We cross over to Mazatlan tomorrow so it could all change, but for now, my response to the question: is Mexico safe? Is an unresounding *yes.
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