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Originally Posted by Chewy750 View Post
No you are not correct, it is a 4 stroke engine, suck, squeeze, bang, blow, so stroke 1 downwards, fills the cylinder with air/fuel mixture, upward stroke compresses, it is at this point it fires, the downward part of the next revolution is the power stroke, the upward the exhaust, then back on a 'filling' or suck stroke. So from that simple primer how many revs per ignition?

The angle not considered in this comment, is that the cam timing is what determines if its fueling or exhausting during any given stroke. The crank fires a spark at every rotation, not every other. The spark that fires during exhaust is the "lost" spark. This lost spark can have compression under it if the cams on one cyl are re-timed to be on a compression stroke, instead of exhaust.

So, OP, did ya dyno it in the bigbang configuration? I wanna see the torque curve from that dyno sheet!
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