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If I wanted something that costs $14,000 and only got 35-40 mpg I'd just go and buy
a brand new small Honda automobile. My 1980 Honda that costs $800 gets better
mileage than that and is fun to ride. It can over take just fine on the highway too at

Originally Posted by Artivati View Post
Good afternoon from the other side of the water
I had a look at one (including a test ride) almost a fortnight ago.
In brief:

It's a 'pretty' bike.
As it's a Honda it'll be utterly reliable, and there didn't seem to be any misaligned panels etc.
The engine's low rev limit can take some getting used to: overtaking dilemma... mid-overtaking gearchanges would be the norm'. Don't like that.
Controls were nice and light; a low saddle height; all very comfortable.
So, all very good, eh?

Er, no!

It felt (sorry Honda) cheaply made, 'brittle' and unsubstantial.
One minor tumble and all that exposed bodywork plastic would be testing your credit card's limit.
It'll be a wonderful commuting bike.
The biking equivalent of falling into a coma.

I guess that over the last two and a half years I have been thoroughly spoilt with my bike (of which more in a moment), but I had been thinking about a possible replacement for my current steed, so paid the Honda dealership a visit to satisfy my curiousity.

And my current bike...

A 2010 Yamaha XT660Z Tenere in black , with 10,000 miles on the clock and a veteran of an 18 day ride up to Nordkapp in May 2010, 12 days down to southern Spain and Portugal in late May 2011 and 10 days to Geiranger in Norway in three weeks time (mid September 2012).

I'm not a 'nutcase' rider, far from it... I'm boringly steady.

But, should I wake up one morning, and coaxed by the wee devil sitting on my right shoulder urging me to be a 'bit of a devil' myself, then the Tenere wouldn't disappoint!

The Tenere is everything the NC700X isn't... and the Tenere is as reliable and potentially as economical as the Honda.

Granted, the Honda is great at traffic lights and junctions: I can get both my feet flat down on the tarmac and not have to totter on tip-toe.

But, that aside... Tenere and I still have a few adventure trips planned before the ally panniers are finally put away and I drop by a Guzzi dealership to ask about a nice V7 Classic. Hmm, some day.

Thank you dear reader/viewer if you've made it down this far with me!
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